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The Taralga Wind Farm site

Since work started in August 2013, a lot has happened at the Taralga Wind Farm site. The project started with an upgrade of the intersection of Taralga and Old Showground Road, the access road to our site.  On site we have built offices and facilities for our construction and operations team, a 23 kilometre internal road network, our own concrete batching plant and the foundations for the wind farm sub-station.  We have also prepared 30 of the 51 wind turbine platforms, in readiness for the delivery of the turbine components and tower sections.

The site offices and facilities at Taralga Wind Farm

Our on-site concrete batching plant

The turbine blades, nacelles and hubs

The next stage of building the Taralga Wind Farm is the installation of the turbines.  Each turbine has eight components - three blades, a nacelle, a hub and three tower sections. The blades, nacelles and hubs have arrived from Vestas in Denmark and are in storage at Port Kembla awaiting transport to site.  The tower sections were built in Australia by Victorian company Keppel Prince and will be transported to site from Portland Victoria.  All these components will travel by road with deliveries to take approximately 20 weeks as only one component can be transported on each truck.  Heavy haulage experts, Rex Andrews, will be responsible for transporting these components as well as the transformer.

Nacelles and hubs arriving from Denmark and ready for
unloading at Port Kembla dock.

Blades for the Taralga Wind Farm turbines on the dock at Port Kembla.

This illustration shows how the various elements of a wind turbine are assembled.

View showing the proposed wind turbines superimposed onto the original photograph

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