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About Taralga Wind Farm


Taralga Wind Farm is situated on ridgelines just east of the Taralga township, in the Southern Tablelands of NSW. See a map of the project here. The wind farm’s 51 turbines generate up to a total capacity of 107MW of clean renewable energy for the life of the project.


Wind farms generate a clean, renewable source of electricity and play an important role in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. For Taralga Wind Farm that means the equivalent of approximately 38,000 houses will be supplied with clean energy and approximately 240,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions will be displaced each year.


Wind monitoring has been underway on the site for more than 10 years. The project received Development Approval from the NSW Land and Environment Court in for 61 wind turbines. In 2012 a variation to the application was sought and approved, reducing the number of turbines to 51 but increasing the height of some of them. The turbines will have a range of individual capacities, ranging from 1.8 MW to 3.0MW.


The Taralga Wind Farm site and layout are a result of a rigorous evaluation processes, including consideration of technical, environmental, cultural, social and commercial, and consultation with landowners and the community. The process of initial site selection, feasibility studies, stakeholder consultation and detailed environmental assessment ultimately led to final turbine layout.


Vestas are the wind turbine suppliers for the project, and turbines components were sourced from around the world. The tower sections were built in Australia by Victorian company Keppel Prince and were transported to site from Portland Victoria.

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