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Planning & Approval Documents

Wind power is one of the most ecologically sustainable ways of generating electricity. Taralga Wind Farm has worked with the relevant State and Federal government departments to make sure that the project meets all approval obligations and is good planning practice.


The following documents are the various approvals and plans for the construction and operation of the Taralga Wind Farm.

Operational Environment Management Plan


*Information formerly contained in Appendices B,C,D, and G are now included in the OEMP Main Report.  ​

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan 

Last test date: 3 December 2020


Management Documents & Reference Material


DPIE Approval Documents


Please search for Tarlaga Wind Farm on the NSW Department of Planning and Environment's Major Projects portal for approval documents:


EPA Licence


The Environment Protection Licence for Taralga Wind Farm can be found here: TWF Environmental Protection Licence

Or on the NSW EPA website:


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