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Taralga Wind Farm


The Taralga Wind Farm will generate pollution-free electricity that will make a significant contribution to a cleaner environment.


Annual emissions savings as a result of the wind farm will be 250,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent (the main greenhouse gas) every year, helping to tackle the threat of climate change. The wind farm will produce local, home-grown, safe and secure power from an everlasting resource, reducing losses in the electricity system and increasing our national energy security.

Wind monitoring has been underway on the site for more than 10 years. The project received Development Approval from the NSW Land and Environment Court in February 2007 for 61 three bladed wind turbines with a substation and site access tracks. In 2012 a variation to the application was sought and approved, reducing the number of turbines to 51 but increasing the height of some. Each turbine will have a generating capacity of approximately 2-3MW, providing approximately 107MW in total.

The project is located on ridges to the east of Taralga with the closest turbine to the village being more than 3km away. Most turbines will be 5km or more from the village. The connection to the national electricity network will be at the Marulan substation.


You can see the site on Google Maps Here

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